NOTICE: CJSC will be providing assisted launches on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays in July, August and September

Welcome to Colwyn Jetski Club

Please note Colwyn Jetski Club does not provide Jetskis for hire.


All Jetskis used at Colwyn Jetski Club are privately owned by our members

Advantages of membership include


  • Free assisted tractor launch and recovery


  • Greatly reduced annual launch permit charge & possible reduction in the annual launch permit from CCBC

  • Safe environment for family jetski activity


  • Controlled use of jetski activity at the site during peak times


  • Experienced local Jetskiers to help, assist and advise.

Latest News/Blog

Colwyn Jet Ski club is committed to safe and responsible use of the water. To that end our RYA instructor give their time freely to members and non-members alike to provide high quality training at an affordable price.

Here are our recent graduates receiving their RYA PWC certificate.

Head over to the RYA page for more details

September 2022

Long standing member Derek Turner has reached out to us to promote a GoFundMe for his daughter Nikitta Turner who is seeking DCT immunotherapy treatment following surgery to remove breast cancer. If you can help please use this link.


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