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NOTICE: CJSC will be providing assisted launches on Sundays & Bank Holidays throughout the season, also Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays in July, August and September

Welcome to Colwyn Jetski Club

Please note Colwyn Jetski Club does not provide Jetskis for hire.


All Jetskis used at Colwyn Jetski Club are privately owned by our members

Advantages of membership include


  • Free assisted tractor launch and recovery


  • Greatly reduced annual launch permit charge & possible reduction in the annual launch permit from CCBC

  • Safe environment for family jetski activity


  • Controlled use of jetski activity at the site during peak times


  • Experienced local Jetskiers to help, assist and advise.

Latest News/Blog

2024 Season has begun.


A great turnout for an amazing first day of the new season. And as if by divine providence we were blessed with a rainbow.

Thinking of joining us or got any questions then head to the membership page

RYA Training 

Along with the new season comes our  RYA proficiency training. Here at Colwyn Jet Ski club we are committed to improving the image our sport through responsible seamanship. We therefore offer RYA proficiency certification in as a "not for profit" provider.

Details on our RYA page

Latest News
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